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I have actively and successfully practiced civil litigation since 1975, and I opened my office in its present location in 1979.
I bring experience in state and federal litigation into all my other work, so that the client always gets the broadest perspective on any issue. This point of view is particularly important in business formation and counseling, real estate and construction, and estates and trusts, and handling a wide variety of civil disputes and transactions.

I have a client base throughout California and the United States. I have formed and advised tax-exempt organizations for over 30 years and have worked especially with a variety of religious organizations and churches. I have also been trained and certified as a mediator and an arbitrator since 1981, and have served in those capacities in a wide range of cases within my fields of practice.

Currently, my firm handles Civil Litigation and Transactions in the areas of Business -- including all types of corporations, sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, limited partnerships and syndications for these -- Real Estate, Construction, Landlord and Tenant, Personal Injury, Entertainment Law, Alternative Health, Estates, Trusts, Probate, Tax Exempt Organizations, Arbitration and Mediation.

Ingrained in my practice of law is a practice of faith that focuses on service to the client and sets a spiritual foundation for my efforts to take care of each client and case with honesty and integrity.

Successfully practicing civil litigation since 1975

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